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36 Hours In Vegas

The Mirage
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Las Vegas, April 23, 2006 - Ah, I remember being in my early twenties, sipping giant tropical drinks by a swank swimming pool in Las Vegas with a bunch of my happy and attractive friends...

Actually, no, that must be a mirage. I don't remember that. These kids will. I didn't do much in the way of swank at their age. And it's usually difficult to gather a group to go anywhere. We're shooting for Key West this fall, and we even know people who are interested (sadly, no bikini-clad 22-year-olds) but we have six months for those plans to fall apart.

So anyway, a day and a half isn't a whole lot of time to spend in Las Vegas, especially when most of those precious hours are spent at your wife's work dinners. Or sleeping: I wanted to go out Saturday night after dinner, but I was still on Eastern Daylight Time, and therefore exhausted. Ditto for Sunday night. Fortunately, that meant I had no trouble at all getting up at 4am Monday morning for my flight home. (Travel note: you will never see so many people at 4:30 in the morning as you will in Las Vegas International Airport. If you're checking bags, get there earlier than you're expecting.)

The little amount of time we had to ourselves we spent either wandering up and down the Strip (travel note: the best bloody Marys in the world are at Commander's Palace in the Aladdin), or lounging by the pool at the Mirage. Sipping Hey, there are worse ways to while away a weekend.
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