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Reunions Thursday

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Little/Edwards Courtyard
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15th Reunion Costume
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Princeton, New Jersey, June 1, 2006 - Reunions officially starts on a Thursday, but most attendees don't get to campus until Friday. Of those who show up on Thursday, only a select few (such as me) are devoted (some say crazy) enough to arrive by noon. I was the second classmate to sign in, behind the classmate who went and got the sign-in book (eventually, about 380 class members signed in - just over a third of our graduating class).

As someone who volunteered to help plan our 15th Reunion, I spent much of the day helping prepare - the courtyard needed setting up, the costumes needed organizing, the undergrads who worked for us needed instruction. But I didn't mind. It was even fun, because I got to talk with people (other volunteers) whom I never knew in college and whom I would never have met otherwise. I also met a bunch of people because I was in charge of assigning people to dorm rooms: all weekend classmates thanked me for getting them a bed. It was very nice of them to make me feel important.

As the day wore on, I had fewer responsibilities and more time to simply hang out. Thursday is the most mellow day of Reunions. A couple dozen boxes of pizza were brought in for dinner, an acoustic guitarist (with drummer) provided the music... and then it started to pour. Fortunately, we were under a tent. Unfortunately, once the lightning started, Public Safety evacuated the tents, and worse, shut off the taps. There's been lightning at Reunions before, but I don't recall that we were ever evacuated because of it. But evacuated we were, so a couple of us smartly grabbed a box of pizza and sought refuge in my friend's first-floor dorm room, which was fully equipped with a nice bottle of scotch.

Eventually the lightning stopped (the rain didn't) and we were allowed back outside. But eventually everyone drifted back to their rooms to sleep. I wandered around to some of the other reunion courtyards - the 5th was of course the only reunion still going full blast after 1am that night - it was full of wet seniors drinking and dancing to a really good DJ; seniors who dress much better (read: skimpier) than we did when I was a senior. But also simply better - dressing up back in 1991 meant putting on a T-shirt without holes. A baggy T-shirt at that.

I did manage to peel myself away and wander back to my room around 1:30, where I could still hear the DJ loud and clear until the parties and taps were officially shut off at 2. And then I stayed up being miserably hot until who knows when...

Now on to Friday...

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