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Reunions Friday

15th Reunion Cup
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Sue In Hamilton Courtyard
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The Most Important Job At Reunions
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Princeton, New Jersey, June 2, 2006 - While Thursday was miserably hot and oppressively humid, Friday was merely rather warm and oppressively humid. And yet somehow we ended up with hooded sweatshirts as part of our Reunions costume. Fortunately, we didn't have to put them on until Saturday.

Sweatshirtless, we wandered around campus, did a little shopping on Nassau Street, and greeted friends as they trickled in throughout the day. We also attended an alumni-faculty forum on the new buildings being built on campus; among which are the beautiful new gothic-style Whitman College, and the ugly and boring replacement for Butler College. Oddly enough, it's Whitman, not new Butler, that causes controversy among architectural professionals. Must be because it's not ugly. I don't understand architects.

Lunch was a spread of Hoagie Haven heroes and dinner was burgers and hot dogs - nothing fancy, but nothing they could ruin, either. Usually we wander from courtyard to courtyard after dinner, but it started to pour again, so we stayed in at the 15th all night. Fortunately, there was a great 80's cover band to dance to, and the beer and margarita tent was only a short dash away through the rain and mud. The dance floor stayed packed until everything shut down at 2am, which is rather unusual for a 15th reunion. But hey, we're a partying class.

I declined to head out to Charter Club with friends (Charter being the farthest eating club, and it being still pouring out), and attempted to head off to bed. But I ran into many a friend on my way to and from the bathroom (being in charge of housing for the class, I had put a good number of people I know on that hallway), so I didn't make back to my room until nearly 3:30. Running into friends everywhere is one of the things I miss about college and one of the things I love about Reunions.

Now on to Saturday...

P.S. - The 80's cover band mentioned above also blogged about their experiences that weekend:

Updated on Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

What an amazing weekend up in Princeton, NJ!

Where else could you find a mass of some of the most affluent, successful and well educated people in America stage-diving and crowd-surfing other than at a Breakfast Club show?!!!!!!!!!!!! The surroundings were beautiful, but the weather was probably the most dreadful the band has ever had to perform in.............thunder, lightning, high winds and torrential, non-stop rain.............thank God it was under a massive marque...........but did that stop the huge crowd of 80's music and Breakfast Club fans from having a good time and drinking their weight in booze?..............NO, of course it didn' was a near riot.........on both the 10th and 15th reunions...........just the kind of nights the band love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks and appreciation go out to everyone who came along to these reunion events. The best 80's cover band around wouldn't be any good without the best 80's audiences, to every one of rock!!!!!!!!!!........:-)

That's very nice of them. Yay, we rock!

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