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Reunions Sunday

Princeton 1991
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401 Little (née 68 Little)
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Ready For Graduation
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Healthy Brunch At Chuck's
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Princeton, New Jersey, June 4, 2006 - And suddenly, it's over. After the big climax of Saturday, Sunday is a letdown. No more crowds, no more music, no more free soda and alcohol wherever you turn. For some reason, most people tend to leave as soon as they get up, and all you're left with is empty tents that smell like mud and beer, along with a thousand hungover seniors dressed in caps and gowns on their way to Baccalaureate. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are for graduation events; all the parents arrive, so all the alums need to get the heck out. Sadly for the parents, the campus never looks worse than it does right after Reunions.

Anyway, *most* alums leave early. Of course, we stick around. Will C., Sue, and I had a post-Reunions brunch at Chuck's: 50 amazing chicken wings. It's our little Reunions tradition. It's so much of a tradition for us, that word spread: about a dozen friends who didn't eat with us purposely stopped by to say hello. Holding court at the wings joint - now *that's* living.

Dessert was ice cream at Halo Pub, and then not being in any rush, we wandered slowly back through campus, running into a few more stragglers, and stopping at the U-Store for some Princeton paraphernalia. Sue and I managed to finally leave campus around 2:30 and spent two hours fighting 60 miles of traffic on our way home.

This past week I was pretty useless. Not only was I hoarse and tired (and exhausted to the point of staying home on Friday), but I was basking in the glow of a fantastic weekend. Just like every year. It's totally worth it. People ask me why I haven't missed a Reunions yet? I don't understand why anyone would miss it. I'm already looking forward to my sixteenth!

P.S. - There are lots more Reunions photos in my Reunions Snapfish album and in the Princeton Reunions Flickr pool...

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