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Peter, Not Joe

Not A Typical Lunch Break

Melville, Long Island, June 27, 2006 - First, I should explain that Route 110 is a major north-south thoroughfare; my office building is right on it. Where this story takes place, there are three lanes. In addition to the three travel lanes, there's a left-turn lane onto Ruland Road and a wide shoulder to the right (there is no right turn, but there is a little shopping center before the light). Got it?

So it's lunchtime and I'm heading south on Route 110 on my way to Target and Taco Bell. I'm in the middle lane. In the left lane, I notice a bunch of broken glass and car parts, so traffic slows and I move to the right lane. Then I notice that there's a car stopped and facing the wrong way in the right lane. So instead of getting back over to the middle lane (where I just was and where everyone else is), I move over to the right onto the shoulder. As I pass the car in the right lane, I see that the driver's side is completely smashed in. And the woman sitting in the driver's seat is, oh, probably in her mid-twenties. And...

Uh, wait, there's a car with a completely smashed-in driver's side, and there's woman sitting in the driver's seat. And she's bawling her eyes out. Holy crap.

So I stopped my car so my window is opposite hers and ask what is probably a very stupid question:

"Are you okay?"

She keeps crying. I try another stupid question:

"Do you need help?"

This time, she nods and yells for someone to help her. So I take out my phone, wait what seems like 47 minutes for it to turn on, dial 911, and report the accident. Not that I have any idea how the accident happened - I didn't see it take place at all. But I was the only one with this woman and I had no idea if anyone else had called. I can't imagine I was the first one to call, but who knows?

By this time, about a dozen other men (yeah, just men - weird) have shown up to see if she's okay, so I didn't get a good look to see how injured she is, nor did I get to ask her, either. In fact, at this point, I'm still sitting inside my car. But she seems okay; her arm is scraped and bleeding, but not terribly so, and she seems to be able to move it. Can't see her legs, but nobody is overly panicked, so I assume that's a good sign. And she's calmed down a bit, too.

She asks if anyone has a phone, so I give mine to the guy standing next to her, and he gives it to her, and she is too frazzled to dial, so she gives the phone back to him, and he for some reason can't dial, either, so he gives it back to me and she tells him the number and he tells me because I can't hear her and I dial. And I give the phone back to him and he finally leaves a message for her father. Not very efficient, but hey.

I finally notice two other cars smashed up in the left-turn lane. I can't figure out how the accident happened; probably someone pulled out of the shopping center and cut someone off, but who? I never find out. Anyway, there are men standing outside the cars; I don't think anyone there is hurt too badly. A gas station attendant who heard (but didn't see) the crash comes over to see if anyone called the police. A deli owner comes over with towels and a cooler full of ice. I'm feeling rather useless, and when the police and firetrucks show up, I know I'm useless. And in the way. It's kind of awkward just standing there, but it felt awkward to leave. Just then, my phone rings; it's her dad. He asks what's the matter; I say there's been an accident, and I think she's hurt, but okay, and it's on Route 110 and Ruland Road. The man from before says she wants to talk to her dad, so I hand him the phone and he hands her the phone. I don't know what she says. I'm assuming some variation of what I told her.

I get my phone back, some more ambulances show up, she says she can get out of the car, but the firemen tell her not to climb over the middle, and go to work on the door with the Jaws of Life so they can get her out, while a policeman puts a neck brace on her.

Nobody asks me to leave (nobody seems interested in whether I'm there or not), but I figure I may as well. My work here is done. I leave my name and phone number with the man and head off to Target, where it takes me way too long to decide on which shampoo to buy.

I'm also oddly shaken up by the experience, almost as much so as my own accident. While I'm thinking about that, still in Target, her dad calls me again - he's stuck in traffic on Route 110 (lunchtime is *not* the time you want it to be reduced to one lane), and asks me how far the accident is from where he is. Now I feel kind of bad for leaving. I tell him he's only like a quarter mile away, and even though he sounds rather calm, I assure him I think she's okay. He thanks me for all my help (which was awkward - I didn't really do much of anything), and I wish him luck and ask him to let me know how everything turns out...

I tried the new Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme at Taco Bell. It's okay.

(No photo; I didn't have my camera with me, and I didn't think of using my cell phone to take a picture...)

UPDATE: The dad called back that evening to tell me that his daughter is fine. She was released from the hospital, with a little whiplash and some splinters from the broken glass, but nothing broken. That's good to hear. He again thanked me profusely, which was also good to hear, albeit a bit embarassing. I still don't know how the accident happened, though...

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