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Higgins Beach

Patty At Higgins Beach
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(Click on the picture to see which
cottage is Sue's grandmother's)

Playing With Dinner
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Braving The Water
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Scarborough, Maine, July 1-4, 2006 - I made sure to put on jeans and a long T-shirt before going out to read on the porch. And yet it wasn't enough; I still needed to go inside for my jacket. Welcome to Maine. On the Fourth of July. At noon.

Sue and I spend nearly every Fourth of July weekend with her relatives at her grandmother's cottage at Higgins Beach, which is a rare stretch of sand along Maine's rocky coast, just south of Portland. The beach is pretty, but tiny - just a half-mile long, and while at low tide it's about a hundred yards of smooth hard sand to the water's edge, the whole beach pretty much disappears at high tide (it's an impressive change throughout the day). Early in July it can be warm enough to sit out on, and sometimes it's even warm enough to brave the frigid water. Very rarely it's hot enough to almost enjoy the frigid water. But no matter how warm, the frigid water can kick up a wicked cold breeze (yep, "wicked cold", as they say in Maine), and the ocean-facing cottage porch somehow catches every bit of it. Often I'd go down to the beach just to warm up.

(One can also just head inland to warm up - it actually feels like summer a few hundred yards from the water.)

Every year we tend to do the same things - some beaching, some porching, some jogging, some shopping in Freeport and/or Portland's Old Port. Occasionally we stroll through the amusement park at Old Orchard Beach. This year for the first time we went to see a Portland Sea Dogs game - they got trounced by the Trenton Thunder 15-2 (and the game wasn't even that close). But that's okay - Trenton is the Yankee's Class AA farm team, while Portland is the corresponding team for the Red Sox. Plus there were fireworks after the game, which everyone could enjoy.

And every year we have some amazing fried clams at the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, yummy vanilla milk (or chocolate, coffee, strawberry, or blueberry milk) from Smiling Hill Farms, fresh strawberries since early July is strawberry season there, and of course, a ton of lobster.

Nope, nothing much changes. Even the pictures here are from last year. Sue's been coming to the cottage since she was a baby. Sue's mom has been coming to the cottage since she was a baby. And Sue's grandmother has been coming to the cottage since *she* was a baby. Nothing changing is what they're probably happy about. And I can't blame them.

Although some change is good. I'm personally happy that they finally replaced the 80-year-old mattresses and put in a shower than works. There's still no insulation and no heating system at all - an odd choice for Maine - so unfortunately the cottage still remains empty during the winter (October through May).

(More of my 2005 Higgins Beach pictures can be found here and here. And my 2006 pictures are here. Compare for yourself!)

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