Peter, Not Joe (joeshlabotnik) wrote,
Peter, Not Joe

Fun With Pleakley

Walt Disney World - Any picture you've taken at Disney World has also been taken by dozens, if not millions, of other tourists. A search for "Pleakley" on is evidence of that fact.

So I decided to put together a Flickr group named Pleakley In Tomorrowland commemorating our Pleakley picture. So far, there's 14 pictures in the group; not bad for a group with a ridiculously specific criterion for joining.

(Hey, try it for yourself if you are so inclined: take one of your pictures, start a ridiculously specific Flickr group, and see how many people you can get to post their relevant photos to it.)

(In case you're wondering, I made the mosaic using one of fd's flickr toys - the Mosaic Maker, of course.)
Tags: flickr, orlando, vacation

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