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Big 3 Champs

New Haven, Connecticut, November 11, 2006 - Sue and I and 44,000 other people showed up to watch Princeton come from way behind beat Yale 34-31 at the Yale Bowl this past weekend. I haven't seen so many people and such an enthusiastic crowd at an Ivy League game since... well, since never. It definitely helped that a title was on the line for both teams. The unseasonably warm weather did its part to increase attendance; I think it hit 70, but sitting in the sun on the visitors' side made it feel even hotter. It was so hot, we didn't need my flask of blackberry brandy at all...

(I have to admit that the Yale Bowl is a cool stadium to watch a game. It looks like a mound of dirt from the outside, but looks are deceiving: the interior is spacious and open like no other stadium I know. I took a bunch of pictures, if you're interested.)

When Princeton beats Harvard and Yale in the same season, they build a huge bonfire on campus. This hasn't happened in 12 years. So any of you on campus this week, enjoy it, because who knows when it might happen again?
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