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Los Angeles, January 15, 2007 - I never seriously expected that we'd be right there on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, but there we were, away from the crowds, standing with just a few photographers, security men, and people with clipboards, watching the stars get out of their limos. I mean, we could have reached over and helped them open their doors, we were that close. I took some photographs, though it was difficult to get a good one; often I was standing too close to whip out my camera. Other times, there was too big an entourage getting in the way. Plus the real photographers were across from us, so the celebs tended to turn towards them (and away from us) after emerging from their limos. Never mind that we weren't supposed to take pictures anyway; only credentialed press were allowed to. But I was unobtrusive enough that nobody bothered us, and there we stayed until it was time for the Globes to start.

Sue was able to get us tickets to the E! Golden Gloves viewing party (and after-party). We took a limo from our four-star hotel (Shutters in Santa Monica) to the Beverly Hilton, got through security (we're so glad all of us remembered our tickets), then didn't really know where to go, and somehow ended up standing where we were standing kind of through sheer luck. The party was across the road where the stars' limos were driving in, but we weren't in a rush to get there.

Once in the party, drinks and dinner were served, and some minor celebrities were there with us. (In general, I'm bad at "spot the minor celebrity", but others we were with aren't - they helpfully pointed people out.) More celebrities trickled in to the party after the Globes were over, but the biggest names generally went elsewhere. Probably to a party that was indoors. E!'s party was in two big open-air tents connected by a big open-air area. Really swanky... but it was freaking 40 degrees. Yes, we enjoyed record cold temperatures in L.A. that weekend. Down to 35 some nights. It reminded me of Miami and Key West, only colder.

I could bore you with a huge list of stars we saw up close, but I'll bore you with photographs instead. There were many celebs I didn't get pictures of, so there are fewer pictures than there should be. But hopefully we can go back next year and rectify the situation.
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