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Cupcake Bowl XLI

Forest Hills, Queens, February 4, 2007 - Cupcakes take longer to make than they should. Or maybe I haven't made them enough to have become efficient. In fact, I can't recall that I've ever baked anything in my life ever, aside from those refrigerated cookie tubes that one just slices and puts on a baking tray.

Well, the cupcakes came out deliciously, if I do say so myself. I made the cupcakes and susanofacadia made the icing - all entirely from scratch. Decorated with appropriately-colored sprinkles and topped with the appropriate mascot (Bears or Colts), they were the perfect food to bring to a Super Bowl XLI party (with sbtorpey, oddthink, and fuzzio, among other friends who don't have LiveJournal aliases yet...)

Even though the cupcakes were handmade, it was the sprinkles that took the biggest chunk of effort. We didn't have time to find separately colored ones, so we bought red, white, and blue rainbow sprinkles, and hand-separated them. Which is as much of a pain in the ass as it sounds.

The toppers and cupcake papers were bought at Pattycakes, a fantastic (and cramped) cake and candy supply store in Corona, Queens. They have everything one needs to make cakes except for the actual food ingredients. Unfortunately, the teddy bears for Chicago and the race cars for Indianapolis are practically invisible against the chocolate cake.

But the cupcakes were greatly appreciated anyway. I have six left, if anybody wants any (but act now, because they're going quickly...)

(More cupcake pictures here)
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