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Pictures Of You

Manhattan, March 25, 2007 - I have about 7,000 photos on iPhoto, dating back to 2004. (I also have about 5,500 songs on iTunes, meaning my iMac is really just a glorified jukebox and photo album. But this post is about my photos...)

As of this moment I have 1,110 of those photos on Flickr. I had originally planned to just post my best pictures online, but slowly I've come to the realization that I'm eventually going to post all of my pictures online. iPhoto is just too slow and clunky, and Flickr is just a lot of fun. I find myself obsessively adding my photos to groups, tracking how many views each of my photos get, craving the rush I feel when some stranger comments on a picture, or better yet, declares one of my photos a "favorite". There's a sense of community, of camaraderie, of serendipity, that I think is missing from LiveJournal.

But maybe I feel that way because I've always liked taking pictures. In addition to the thousands I have on my computer, there are who knows how many thousands more in a couple dozen albums gathering dust on our third floor. Those date back to halfway through my freshman year in college, when I got a nice point-and-shoot 35mm camera for Christmas.

Not that that's the first camera I ever had; I can still remember as a little kid having an old 126mm camera (that took square pictures!). And I got a Vivitar 110mm camera as a birthday present in fifth grade or so (that camera died when I was in ninth grade - my parents forced me to lend it to my brother when he was going on his sixth-grade trip to Washington, D.C. I didn't want to lend it to him because I knew he'd break it, but my parents told me to stop being so selfish and took it from me. And of course, he broke it.) I then had no camera until they got me a Kodak Disc camera a couple of Christmases later. But that took lousy pictures, and then broke on its own.

In any case, one of my long-term goals is to retire (when I'm 40), buy a top-end scanner, and spend a couple of months digitizing all my photos and posting most online. Even the mundane ones - for example, pretty much all of the pictures I have ever taken at apartment parties. It's funny - no matter how fun the party, party pictures always tend to come out the same: people in harsh flash light, smiling broadly, perhaps doing slightly goofy things, maybe even dressed up a bit, but ultimately uninteresting to anyone who was not at the party. (Unless there's a bit of cleavage - those pictures always get more views on Flickr.)

So while the pictures I took at my friends' Oscar party this past Sunday might not look interesting to you, let me assure you that we did still have a good time. Except that I came in dead last in the Oscar pool, but gambling is immoral and illegal anyway, so there.
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