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Christmas In February

Forest Hills, Queens, February 24, 2007 - Finally, our Christmas present arrived. A brand new box to play in!

As a bonus, inside the box was a big-screen TV. We had decided to forgo getting each other presents this past Christmas and instead buy a new TV and the furniture to put it on. Plus a new coffee table because we were on a roll. The furniture was ordered in October; it didn't arrive until the middle of February (what, were they waiting for the trees to grow?), and only then could we pick out our TV. So we ordered one from Circuit City, which was a mistake. First they tried to massively upsell us on the speakers, then we find out the day before it was to be delivered that it wasn't in stock. Or maybe it was in stock. Or maybe it wasn't. The point is, they couldn't decide, and kept changing their story until the day it was supposed to arrive, at which point they settled on "not in stock".

So we canceled and ordered from Amazon. There were fewer problems, although their delivery window of 9am to 5pm left much to be desired. We called twice on that day, and each time we were assured it would be here within an hour. Of course, it didn't show until 4:45. There was only one deliveryman, so I had to help carry it in. And Sue still tipped the guy $10. Well, at least he left the box (because he didn't want to take it away, pretty much).

(What's great about ordering from Amazon is no sales tax, no delivery charges, and I get 4% to 5% back on all my purchases for setting up my own associates account. Anyone who wants to can click on this link and I get a cut of the price on whatever you buy, at no extra cost to you. Neat, huh?)

So off to the Queens Center Mall we went to exchange our old cable box and buy an absurdly expensive HDMI cable. And also unexpectedly eat dinner out, because we gave up trying to leave the mall after sitting in traffic on the top floor of the garage for fifteen minutes. The Queens Center Mall is nice enough, but don't ever drive there.

Considering that all we have is a TV and a cable box - no extra speakers, no DVD player, no game system - it shouldn't have taken us most of the day on Sunday to figure out how to set it up correctly. But it did. How embarrassing. We're fast becoming the old women who can't program their VCRs. We're going to need to have grandchildren so they can help us set up whatever we're going to be buying in 2045.

Oh, the picture is great. We're happy.
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