Peter, Not Joe (joeshlabotnik) wrote,
Peter, Not Joe

Whistler, Part IV

Whistler, British Columbia, March 4-11, 2007 - Just like last year, we went on our local ski shop's trip to Whistler-Blackcomb. It was such a great week of skiing, you'd think I'd have lots to write about. But really, ski vacations are simple, as vacations go. People were met, slopes were hit, poutine was eaten... Every day it's up at 7am, out to the slopes by 8:30, ski until 4:30, followed by hot tub at the hotel, drinks, dinner, then bed by 10pm, sometimes earlier, though always with the vow that tomorrow we'll stay up later to sample the renowned Whistler nightlife. Repeat until they make us go home, which we most certainly weren't ready to do.

Of course I took hundreds of pictures that will tell a more complete story of my trip than a brief blog entry could. (And if you're dying for more, here are my 2006 trip photos.)
Tags: skiing, vacation, whistler

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