Peter, Not Joe (joeshlabotnik) wrote,
Peter, Not Joe

Anxiously Awaiting

Forest Hills, Queens, July 21, 2007 - Of course we went to the bookstore at midnight to wait on line for the book. And of course the line was too long. After about 45 minutes, I gave up and went to the supermarket down the road - my original plan - over Sue's (surprising) objections. But she wasn't objecting anymore after we discovered that (as I suspected) the supermarket had plenty of books and nobody there except lonely cashiers.

So of course we finished the books by Sunday noon, pausing only to sleep and to head off to parties in Manhattan and Brooklyn (how inconsiderate of them to schedule the parties during Harry Potter Weekend). Now we know how it ends (pretty good, we thought). So now what?

Well, after a month of waiting, we got the latest edition of Guitar Hero (80s edition!) in the mail on Wednesday. And the much-longer-awaited Simpsons Movie finally opens today (though we'll be at a Mets game tonight, so we'll have to wait at least another day to see it). It had better be good, because I don't plan to look forward to another movie all year (if not longer).

Oh, and I have just over a week until my half-marathon. I'm so not ready.

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