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Race For The Taste

Epcot, October 7, 2007 - Orlando in October is still rather hot and humid, even at 7am, before the sun is completely up, and that's when I found myself starting Disney's Race For The Taste 10K.

I was a pool of sweat even before lining up for the race, yet somehow I managed to finish in a respectable time. It helped that the course was (like Florida) almost entirely flat. The course started at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex, spent a couple of boring miles on some featureless highway, then twisted and turned through MGM Studios, past the Swan and Dolphin, through Disney's Boardwalk area, Epcot's World Showcase, and out the front of Epcot near the big ball. At the end, they had a couple of food stations as part of their International Food And Wine Festival going on that week. (Spicy beef empanadas are just the thing to eat after running a sweaty 6.2 miles. Yum.)

As I said, my time was respectable: 47:14 (a 7:36/mile pace). Not my best 10K time, but not my worst, either. I was satisfied. And I was surprised (and happy) to discover that runners in Orlando are overall much slower than runners in New York City. While running, I had the sense that there weren't too many people in front of me, and I was right: I finished 124th out of 2,593 runners. 107th of 1,072 men. 15th out of 178 men ages 35 through 39. I would have been much farther back in any race in Central Park. Nevertheless, I still wasn't fast enough to win a trophy, but at least I got a medal for finishing. (That, and a ticket to Epcot, will get me into Epcot.)

In other news, Sue is still pregnant. And it was six years ago today (October 11) that we closed on our house (It's been that long? Wow.)
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