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Home, November 7, 2007 - So we have until March to make as much room as possible for a new baby. You'd think that, living as we do in a four-bedroom townhouse with a finished basement and finished attic, plus garage, we'd have plenty of room already, but anyone who lives anywhere knows that it's easy for the amount of stuff one has to expand to fill the amount of space one has. Combine that propensity of stuff to act like a gas with our house's 1920s-style tiny closets and my pack-rat tendencies, and we have a huge job on our hands.

We started off well, giving away loads of stuff by sticking it all out on the sidewalk with labels reading "free". I suspected that much of what we put out there would eventually be taken, but I was wrong: it turns out that everything we put out was quickly taken. Often within minutes. I started by leaving out an old printer, an old rusty hoe, an old three-way lamp that only worked one way, and an old snow shovel that didn't work well. Before I brought anything else out, they were all gone. I'd like to think that they were all taken by one lucky guy who happened to need a printer, lamp, hoe, and snow shovel that very day and just happened to walk by at exactly the right time, but I'll never know for sure.

We also came across old tax forms (from as early as 1993!) and receipts and other stuff that couldn't really be given away, so off to the shredder it all went, along with a bunch of other stuff that didn't exactly need shredding, but hey, I was on a roll, and shredding is kind of fun. Five 33-gallon bags of shredded paper later (plus two bags of magazines and brochures that wouldn't fit in the shredder) (all to be put out with the recycling, of course), I still have crates of papers to go through. With three free days between now and Christmas (how is it Thanksgiving next week already?) I suspect that's just not getting done anytime soon.

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