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Super Bowl Baby Shower

Forest Hills, February 3, 2008 - We're not really shower-type people; the idea of having a party devoted to our getting stuff seems a bit unseemly. But when our neighbor offered to throw us one, we figured sure, why not. It was very nice of her to offer, and everyone would expect us to have one anyway. So we registered (something else that seems a bit unseemly to me, but if it doesn't seem unseemly to you, we're registered at Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn Kids :-) and got to planning.

Sue's and my goal was to make it a real party, not have it be some girly event that would exclude me and bore Sue. So we decided early on to make it a "Jack-and-Jill" shower. (Men at a baby shower? Yes, it's not the 1950s anymore.) And then we decided to hold it at our house on Super Bowl Sunday, to give people a reason to stay. Bold decisions, you might think, but it worked out spectacularly. The shower started at 3:17 (Why? Because.), which gave us plenty of time to do showery things like decorate onesies (I'm quite impressed with our friends' artistic abilities) and open presents before the game started. And then what a game! Best. Super Bowl. Ever. Genuinely exciting game, genuinely perfect result.

Thanks go out to our neighbor for suggesting and planning it, to her husband and our other neighbors who all got roped into helping out, to everyone who came, and of course to the New York Giants! Thanks much to everyone for all the gifts that have made a new mess out of our nursery-to-be. And thanks, of course, to susanofacadia for putting up with being pregnant. (You're welcome to stay pregnant as long as you want, because it's much easier than actually taking care of a baby. Even for you. You'll see...)

Sue was one of three pregnant ladies there that day. Our friend sbtorpey has finally told everyone that she's due in June, so even though we've known for a while, I can mention it openly now. And our neighbor is due three weeks after Sue. When she first suggested the shower, we thought it would be nice of us to reciprocate, so we offered... and she politely but firmly turned us down. She apparently has other friends who'll throw her a proper girly shower. I'm not invited. At least that'll give me more time to clean out the nursery, a process that is even more slow-going than writing thank-you notes...

(By the way, click here for photos of the shower. I don't have all the photos uploaded as of yet, because there are a huge number that need me to do some red-eye reduction first, which is yet another slow process...)

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