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New Experiences - Joe Shlabotnik Is My Hero — LiveJournal [Who Is Joe Shlabotnik?] [20 Random Pictures Taken By Peter] [What Is Peter Reading?]
April 15th, 2008
03:11 pm


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New Experiences

I knew that once we had a baby, I was going to do lots of things I had never done before. I was not expecting that one of those things would be to buy a humidifier. You see, having grown up just over a mile from the ocean, I had always viewed humidity as something to be conquered, not encouraged. Our evil foe humidity caused mold and warping and out-of-tune pianos. So our dehumidifier ran nearly nonstop from spring through fall. In the winter we could enjoy dry, spark-filled air naturally.

But when Violet came down with a little congestion a couple of weeks ago, the pediatrician recommended that we get an un-dehumidifier. That is, a humidifier. We were told it'd help clear her up a bit, though I'm not clear on why. Still, "anything for our girl", so I bit the bullet and bought this adorable penguin humidifier. And I'm happy to say Violet is breathing much better now. Whether the penguin had anything to do with that is unclear, but at least it's really cute.

In other news, we took Violet to church for the first time this weekend, and she behaved admirably. Somehow the organ and the singing put her right to sleep, and when she woke up later in the Mass, it seemed to keep her calm. So another thing I might do that I've never done before is install a pipe organ in our house. Hey, you go with that works.

Also, here's a short video showing how much Violet loves her swing:


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Date:April 16th, 2008 01:06 am (UTC)
I think you should definitely install a pipe organ at home. You would be one kick ass dad. :P
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