Peter, Not Joe (joeshlabotnik) wrote,
Peter, Not Joe

3241.4 Miles

Our 3241.4-mile road trip is over! In 18 days, we covered 14 states (plus D.C.), saw friends we hadn't seen in years, and made our parents very happy. We took Violet to National Parks and bourbon distilleries and Disney World and highway rest stops galore. She saw Gettysburg, the Washington Monument, Lincoln's birthplace, the Grand Ole Opry, roller coasters, caves, a 62-foot Jesus, fine barbecue joints, okapis, peach groves, Amish people, swimming pools...

Yes, she's seen all that before she was ten weeks old, yet she's never been out to Long Island (8 miles down the highway).

She'll remember none of it, of course, but I have hundreds of photos to prove we were there. (And I'm still adding more.)

I'm happy to be home, but part of me wanted to keep on driving while we had the chance. There's still so much to see...
Tags: vacation

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