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Reunions 2008

I am perpetually surprised. Every darn month it's "I can't believe it's [name of month] already!" It's never "Well, I'm certainly ready for [name of month], it definitely feels like [name of month] should be here right now." No, I apparently still haven't gotten the hang of this "time" concept.

And in May, I always think "I can't believe Reunions is coming up!". And right now it's "I can't believe Reunions is over!" You'd think after 20 Reunions in a row, I'd start believing it.

I don't know what Violet believes yet, but she handled her first Reunions like a star. And we did, too. Reunions is a bit different with a baby, as you can imagine. We've now noticed that here are lots of stairs on campus. Pushing through a crowded eating club for meals is tricky. And while Violet is good at staying up until midnight (or later), or sleeping in her stroller whenever she feels like it, we forgot that most courtyards get REALLY LOUD once the bands start playing. That's probably not good for baby ears. So Sue and I took turns finding quiet places for her while the other hung out with friends and partied. Or we found quiet places with friends together. We managed to stay out past 2 a.m., which is more than I can say for some of our childless friends.

At 12 weeks, Violet wasn't the youngest baby there (I met babies of 8 and 6 weeks), but she was adorable enough to get lots of attention regardless. And I didn't mind the attention, either, especially when it was from a gaggle of gals from the Class of 2006. But it was fun to have a bunch of wives of the Class of 1962 moon over her, too. They were so sweet and grandmotherly - I probably could have convinced some of them to babysit while we went out. Maybe next year.

So as always, it was a fantastic weekend. And of course I took hundreds of pictures. Then Sue had to start work again on Monday. Poor Sue. I can't believe she's back at work. Me, I'm home with the baby for about two more months, and then... well, we haven't really figured that out yet. Stay tuned.
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