Peter, Not Joe (joeshlabotnik) wrote,
Peter, Not Joe


We've fed Violet some rice cereal a few times now, but last night was the first time she ate some "real" food: eggplant!

Why eggplant? Because Sue and I don't much like eggplant. Yet we keep getting eggplant in our CSA share every week. We've tried to work with it, and we've discovered some eggplant recipes that aren't so bad, but now we're just finished. We've had our fill of eggplant this year already. So I decided to steam and puree one of them to see if Violet liked it.

She didn't hate it. She made a weird face at the first spoonful, but swallowed it all. And swallowed most of the next six or seven spoonfuls (making much less of a mess than she did with the rice cereal). But then I could tell she had her fill of eggplant, too. I can't really blame her. Poor girl...
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