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My Wine!
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Sebastopol, California, September 3, 2005 - A friend of mine (rebbyribs) once asked me "why don't you have a LiveJournal?" Good question. I pondered it for over a year (well, not 24-hours-a-day pondering, but an occasional pondering here and there) without doing anything about it. But then I went on vacation in California, and visited for the first time the town my friend lives in. Only she wasn't there - she was on her own vacation. Figures. But I thought of her, thought of LiveJournal, and somehow this picture inspired me to finally start one. In the picture, I'm in Sonoma County, in front of the winery that bears my name. No relation. And no free bottle of wine out of it, either. So now I have to come up with a different name when I start my own winery. I'll probably have lots of time to think about it. And that's how one starts a LiveJournal.

So is my life interesting? We'll see...

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