Peter, Not Joe (joeshlabotnik) wrote,
Peter, Not Joe

Eight Months

Violet is eight months old today! She's sitting up quite well (if we place her that way), but isn't even close to standing, and while she can roll from her back to her front pretty easily, she seems to have forgotten how to roll back to her front. So after a few minutes on her front she'll complain until we rescue her.

She definitely recognizes her pacifier and her bottle and knows what to do with them - she'll hold the bottle herself with no problem (though if she's sitting up, she'll only suck air), and she can find her pacifier if it's anywhere within reach and put it in her mouth the right way. She happily eats from a spoon (though a bottle is still much easier for us) and can feed herself a cracker. She was never much of a spit-upper, but now it happens almost never. And she's just barely getting her first tooth (finally) - a bottom incisor that we can't yet see, but we can feel.

We're really happy that she's quite consistent at sleeping 10 hours a night. Sometimes nine, sometimes 11. Usually from about 10pm to about 8am - it's a wonderful schedule.

(PS - Sorry this isn't the most interesting post for you all to read; this one's mostly for me to look back on to remember what she was doing when.)

(PPS - she's nine days shy of eight months in the photo, but I love this photo!)
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