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Welcome To 2009

In the month since I last posted, we drove down to Florida for Christmas at my parents' house, and I went out for New Year's Eve while Sue stayed home sick with a bad cold. There were regular updates on Facebook and Flickr and Geni and my other blog. Some work, some sleep, a bunch of nights of LittleBigPlanet on our new PlayStation 3, and there, you're all caught up with my life.

Now to catch you all up on Violet's life: she's ten months old today! Within the past week she's become able to stand holding on to things (though she won't pull up - we have to put her there), and two days ago she got from her stomach to her hands and knees for the first time, and then to a sitting up position all by herself for the first time. She still won't crawl, though - she prefers to get around by rolling, which greatly amused all the other moms at a playgroup that day. From one end of the room to the other, as long as the path is clear. I have to admit it is kind of funny to watch, yet it seems rather normal to us. You mean to tell me that all babies don't go through a rolling phase?

She's still a very good eater, she's beginning to take some sips from a cup (but useless at a sippy cup), and she has no stranger anxiety whatsoever. When in a restaurant, it's hard to get her to eat because she's too busy smiling at the waitresses, who more often than not positively moon over her. Her sleep schedule is two or three naps a day, in bed between 10 and 11pm, then up between 8 and 9am. Maybe once or twice a week she'll get up crying around 6ish; fortunately putting a pacifier in her mouth puts her back to sleep instantly. Even more fortunately, she slept in until 10am both days this past weekend.

I've had dozens of people tell me she should be a baby model, though it's hard to brag because it's impossible to tell who's being sincere and who's merely being polite. I should carry around a polygraph....
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