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Running And Sunning

Nowhere To Hide
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Miami Beach, November 21, 2005 - The sand on the beach was a fantastic surface to jog on - hard enough that you're not trudging through, well, deep sand, yet soft enough to feel, well, soft. Plus there were lots of other joggers and sunbathers to look at. It was so good that I was even able to get Sue to come running with me (shown here). The drawback was the powerful sun and stifling humidity - but hey, that made us feel we *earned* the post-jog layabout on the beach.

Haven't jogged at all since we got back from Florida. It's dark and cold when we get home from work. And it's snowed a few times so the sidewalks are icy. Sure, we could (and should) go to the gym, but that's what January is for...
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