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Ocean Beer - Joe Shlabotnik Is My Hero — LiveJournal [Who Is Joe Shlabotnik?] [20 Random Pictures Taken By Peter] [What Is Peter Reading?]
September 22nd, 2005
01:35 pm


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Ocean Beer

Ocean Beer
Originally uploaded by Joe Shlabotnik.
Kismet, Fire Island, New York, September 18, 2005 - That's me, my friend Doug, and my friend Sabrina some sunny Sunday afternoon in September discovering that a bottle of beer is just the thing to wash out that salty ocean taste. What a perfectly gorgeous and gorgeously perfect day that was. To get to Kismet, you can either take a half-hour ferry ride from Bay Shore, or you can park at Robert Moses State Park and take a half-hour walk (either through the dunes by the lighthouse, or along the ocean through the nude beach). It being such a beautiful day, Sue and I opted to walk. (The nude beach was filled with unattractive, but very very tan, people. So tan that you'd notice their tan before you noticed their nudity. Sue was neither unattractive, nor tan, but as for nude... well, I'm not telling... we didn't linger, though) So then we spent hours lounging on the beach, lounging in the ocean, lounging around with our friends wearing nothing but bathing suits and bikinis. All of life should be like that. Although Sue would suggest life should be like that, only with less sunburn. That's the problem with having beach chairs - one tends not to move around as much, so one gets a big burn on one side of one's body. And by "one", I mean "Sue". Me, I tan nicely without much burning.

Then we all came back to our house, ordered pizza, drank wine, and watched the Emmys. Arrested Development was robbed. But I was still so glowing from our great day, I didn't much care.

Monday was a normal day back at work. Ugh.

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