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But What About Christmas?

Making Christmas Dinner
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Forest Hills, Queens, December 25, 2005 - The three of you who have been following my blog are no doubt aware of the fun we've been having with our renovations, and are no doubt wondering how it turned out...

Very well, surprisingly. Even with all the problems, they managed to tear the guts out of our kitchen and two bathrooms and rebuild everything in ten weeks. For those of you who've never done this sort of thing, that's impressive. Things aren't quite 100% done, but all the important things are in and useable. And just in time, too. They cleared everything out the evening of Monday, December 19th, which gave us three days to remove bushels of dust and go through dozens of boxes before Sue's parents showed up on Thursday the 22nd. A daunting task, but with some hired help we managed. My parents and Sue's brother and his girlfriend arrived on the 24th, which made Christmas Eve dinner for our families the first meal we cooked in our new kitchen (aside from a mere pot of pasta we cooked that first night). It was also a daunting task, but my veal parmigiana was totally up to it.

My brother, his wife, and our nephew joined the crowd on Christmas Day (our niece wasn't born until three days later, so she was practically there, too). Christmas Day was typical - lots of presents and lounging around the house. And more cooking. We made a filet mignon roast (shown here in our new kitchen, with Sue and my mom), which proved to everyone we hadn't forgotten how to cook.

Monday we took everyone (except my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew) to see the Off-Broadway play Almost, Maine - an appropriate choice, since Sue and her family are from way far northern Maine, near where the fictional title town is supposed to be. It was a surprisingly cute and gentle show - as far from your typical cynical downtown New York attitude as you can get and still be in Union Square. Sue's family loved it. But they love everything. My parents didn't like it so much. But they're always harder to please. I fell somewhere in the middle, but hey, at least it was only Off-Broadway prices.

That evening we took them all to Tabla, our favorite restaurant in the city, and everyone (even my mom) could agree that that was amazing. Then back to work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Thursday night it was off to France for us. About which, I have plenty more to write about. But later...
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