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For those who haven't been following me on Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter: we have a son! Everett James Dutton, born August 4, 2010, 10:50pm at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces.

And he was born quickly, too. Less than four hours start to finish. Sue thought she might have been feeling some contractions around 7 that evening, though it was easy to dismiss because for the past two weeks she had been hoping that every little kick and burp was the start of her contractions. And her due date was still ten days away. I figured that it couldn't be labor, because she'd know it (as was the case last time.) She called the doctor for a better opinion, and the doctor agreed with me; she told her not to worry, as she was calm and talking normally (indeed, she had been on the phone with a friend for about 15 minutes through it all).

But by 8:00, she decided that this was really it, and I should get ready to drive her to the hospital. Soon. It still took us about 25 minutes of last-minute packing and dropping Violet off at the neighbors' house before we were in the car. Then we were at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan by 9.

Just in time, too. About 15 minutes later, after I had parked the car and met her in the waiting room, her water broke - violently (not at all like the last time, in which her water breaking slowly was the first indication of labor). The nurses then decided to stop making her wait and immediately got her into a delivery room; the doctor examined her a few minutes later. Like the last time, she was already 7cm dilated. Unlike the last time, this time the doctor said it was too late for drugs, the baby was ready any minute. This did not make Sue happy; a natural childbirth was not what she wanted. We're big proponents of modern medicine; giving birth without pain medication makes as much sense as an appendectomy without pain medication. But the doctor said no, it's too late, suck it up (only nicer).

So for about an hour we all sat around watching an increasingly unhappy Sue, until she finally got the go-ahead to push, and less than twenty minutes later Everett was born. He's big and healthy and perfect, and that's great. As for Sue, she's seen better evenings. She was enormously relieved that the hard part was over, and fast. And she's now able to impress people with her story of giving birth without drugs. But she'd trade that for some drugs in a heartbeat.

Now enjoy the photos of our stay at the hospital and Everett's first few days at home!
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