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Forest Hills, Queens, April 2006 - Shown here: the entirety of my backyard garden. I never used to give hyacinths much thought, but I've grown to love them. They're easy-to-plant bulbs and come back early every spring with long-lasting, pretty, and incredibly fragrant blossoms. On a good day you can smell the perfume from many yards away. Sorry that there's no scratch-n-sniff feature on my blog; check back in a decade or so...

(When I took the picture, I noticed the flowers. Now that I see the picture, I focus on the browning leaves right in the center. That could be a metaphor for something or another, but I'm not interested in pursuing it.)

This weekend I caught the gardening bug - bought some outdoor hanging plants for the back, planted some phlox and alyssum as ground cover around the dwarf boxwoods in the front, and replaced a boxwood that was dying. You'd think I actually knew what I was doing. But I was just winging it. Fortunately, I only have a 20 x 20 plot of land out front, because doing just that was time-consuming and expensive enough!
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